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The cloud-based CLM solution for pharmaceutical groups and large retailers

Main Features

Keep your presentation under control

Prez Manager gives you total control over your eDetailing presentations shared with your field representatives.
Multi-sequence technology allow you to change the order of the slides or delete them at any time, depending on your specific needs and your strategy.

Simple and scalable

Prez Manager as a CLM platform supports most file formats for your eADV presentations, such as PDF and HTML5.
Each slide can be associated with a specific product, allowing you to access the most precise KPIs possible.

Engaging CLM presentations

Your sales force have animated and interactive content that adapts to each field visit.
Prez Manager makes it easy to collect structured feedback and metrics, allowing you to monitor your teams' performance in real time and adjust your sales strategy accordingly.

Successful online presentations

Benefit from up-to-date and dynamic presentations for your online meetings, regardless of the platform used (Teams®, Zoom®, etc.).
Prez Manager integrates a videoconferencing and meeting organization solution, allowing you to plan, organize and monitor your online meetings while visualizing the use of presentations, slides and messages in real time.

Powerful analytics and dashboard

Prez Manager's business dashboard provides an overview of your sales force's activity, perfectly suited to pharmaceutical organizations governed by strict regulations.
Our platform brings together KPIs and statistics from in-person and remote visits in a single channel, allowing a complete and precise analysis of commercial activity.

Custom configuration and evolution

Thanks to Prez Manager, sharing presentations over which you have total control is simple and analysis of slide usage helps guide efforts

Facilitate your operations

With Prez Manager, sharing presentations over which you have complete control is simple, and analyzing slide usage helps guide your efforts.

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The solution developed by the Prez Manager team is fully secure and GDPR compliant.


With real-time analysis, you can immediately know which message is being conveyed, identify less covered messages, and adapt your presentations for maximum impact.

Multi-country and Multi-region

The solution is designed for growing and established organizations, allowing for structural customization.


Prez Manager allows you to facilitate the medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) validation by optimizing collaboration between responsible departments

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